Milwaukee Probate Lawyer

Probate laws can be very confusing to most people. Simply put, probate law has to do with the handling of an estate when someone such as a family member or other loved one passes away. Probate laws make sure creditors are properly paid and assets are distributed to the heirs. A personal representative must be named, an official notice to creditors printed and a notice of administration sent to other involved parties.

If you are or will be in a situation where you are dealing with inheritance or other estate-related matters, talk with an experienced probate lawyer at the Law Offices of Paul A. Maranan.

Our Milwaukee probate and estate administration attorney represents families through formal or informal probate, summary assignment or settlement for smaller estates. Also, we assist with property transfer by affidavit. Contact a Milwaukee probate and estate administration attorney today.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Probate Attorney

When someone is already dealing with the pain of losing a loved one, understanding the details of probate law can often be confusing. We take the time to discuss all possible scenarios with our clients and help them make informed decisions. If you are appointed as the executor/personal representative for a loved one who has passed away, our firm can help settle the estate. We can offer legal advice and guidance as you carry out the duties. At the Law Offices of Paul A. Maranan, we have handled many estate cases, large and small, all while providing the personal touch needed in trying times.

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