Experienced Milwaukee Area Attorney.
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Experienced Milwaukee Area Attorney.
Quality Legal Services. Reasonable Fees.

Milwaukee Family Law Attorney

At the Law Offices of Paul A. Maranan, we help our clients maintain family ties. We help you determine what is best for you and for your children, if children are involved, in family law matters. Family disputes, including divorce and support issues are very emotional. It is important to look forward to plan for your future. We converse with you regarding your options and financial outlook.

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The divorce process can be complicated and emotionally demanding. There are many issues arising from a divorce that must be dealt with along with the dissolution of the marriage. These include questions of child support, spousal support (maintenance formerly known as alimony), property division and division of retirement accounts.

Best Interests Of The Child

Our clients’ biggest concerns are their children. How will divorce affect them? How do we achieve what is best for the child? We put a premium on having clients look to the best interest of their child when support and child custody issues are determined.

Spousal Maintenance, Child Support and Visitation

These are commonly two of the most difficult family law disputes. Parties may feel resentful or cheated; these feelings are on both sides. We guide our clients through the process of negotiating a reasonable support agreement. There is a trend toward sharing parental responsibilities rather than the traditional one parent (the mother) having primary placement or custody. Parents are increasingly sharing the time and expense of transporting children to activities and appointment.

Wisconsin Collaborative Divorce Law

Collaborative divorce law may help resolve some of these feelings. It requires both sides and their attorneys to present all information and concerns in the case. It encourages voicing concerns. Both sides get to speak. It is a nonlitigation option. Parties are required to agree not to go to court except for the final divorce hearing when the court approves the settlement. It is an open communication and information option.

Though we are skilled at handling matters with collaborative law methods, our firm is able to help clients with their divorce and other family law issues by litigation and mediation. In addition to divorce representation, attorney Maranan also provides mediation services, serving as a neutral facilitator to assist parties in resolving disputed issues.

We also handle a range of other family law issues, including guardianships for minors and paternity issues.

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