Cudahy And Milwaukee Real Estate Sales Lawyers

Instructions for Sellers

  • Once you have a prospective buyer, inform them that they will have to have an attorney write an Offer to Purchase.
  • After you receive the Offer, make an appointment so that I can review it with you. We will decide whether the Offer is acceptable or whether we should counter or reject it. Do not sign anything without me reviewing it with you first.
  • After the Offer is accepted, I will order the title insurance, obtain payoff letters from any lenders who have mortgages on the property, obtain verification through the title company that there are no special assessments or past due taxes, prepare the deed, transfer return and closing statements.
  • I will attend the closing. The closing will have to be scheduled at a time that is compatible with my calendar. If the closing cannot be scheduled at a time that is compatible with my schedule it may be necessary for me to arrange another attorney to attend the closing in my place.

Documents Needed for Your Lawyer to Prepare Closing Documents

  • Your real estate tax bill from the previous year.
  • The last water and sewer bill.
  • A copy of a statement from any lenders who have mortgages on the property. Mortgages include any second mortgages, home equity loans, bridge loans or lines of credit.
  • A copy of the title insurance policy from when they bought the home or when the refinancing occurred, if you have it. (It is not required that you provide the title insurance policy to me, but it may reduce the cost of the title insurance.)
  • Lien waivers from contractors who have provided services within the last six months.
  • If you are a member of a homeowners association, I will need to know the name of the treasurer or president of the association and their address and phone number.

Please contact us if you have any other real estate questions or if there are any issues that arise during the pendency of this transaction.